Tribalog 2018

Majma – Glastonbury, UK
hosted by Raheesha
2 – 4 March 2018
4 ATS® workshops and Kalash Tribal performance

Well despite the arctic freeze and sudden snowfall I packed a thermos flask, sleeping bag and rations to brave the elements. Fortunately we have an old but trusty Landrover which I switched into 4 wheel drive and set off for Glastonbury. The worst bit was getting from the farm to a main route but 3 hours later I arrived in Glastonbury to be met by other intrepid participants. Not everyone made it so I was truly thankful when 3 of my Kalashies managed to arrive the following day ready for our evening performance. Despite the cold and the snow everyone had an absolute blast and my four booked workshops were packed. Sadly some of the teachers were snowed in but I’d come armed with a back up workshop and had great fun teaching Stage and Tribal make-up although my bevy of beauties couldn’t compete with a couple of the Diva Disney bad girls – Ursula and Cruella were amazing!

ATS® Reunion – Kansas City, USA
18 – 21 January 2018
What a great idea for the ATT graduates to teach a micro technique clinic – a 15 minute fast fix and mine was on slow turns. It worked really well with delegates booking an individual slot for a quick 1 to 1. Kathy Stahlman was a great timekeeper and kept everyone moving ready for the next slot.
I also got to teach my Smile and Da Vinci SSCE workshops as well as the opportunity to attend other teachers workshops. I love watching how other people teach but the cherry on the top had to be performing with two of my fellow ATT grads Liz Malcom and Deanna Padron Freeman

General Skills – Kansas City, USA
assisting Carolena Nericcio
14 – 17 January 2018

This year I was given the fantastic opportunity of working as part of a team of advanced instructors alongside Carolena to teach General Skills. It’s also part of our ongoing training as Sister Studio Continuing Education (SSCE) instructors. For me it is such an amazing experience, not just to be working with the boss and testing my own knowledge and skills but to also get to see how my fellow teachers teach. There were some great ideas, analogies and descriptions, hints and tips which I shall incorporate into my own teaching