Tribalog 2016

The Qu’s Tribal Sleepover Vl – The Fright before Christmas – 
9 – 11th December 
Ingestre Hall, Stafford
After my initiation to Sleepover last year I was absolutely delighted to be asked to teach two workshops (Christmas Presence and Christmas Spirits) at this year’s weekend of dancing, drumming, crafting, drama, gossip, giggles, wine, chocolate and more cake than you can shake a skellibobs bones at!

Tribal Sleepover has earned it’s place as the most insane, fabulous, eclectic, eccentric weekend in the tribal calendar complete with Fancy dress parade and prizes for the best bribe to the judges. If you like cake this is the event for you, there is just so much cake available in between all the fabulous workshops. Not just dance workshops with the fabulous Angela Noble and Bex Priest but craft and drum workshops too. The venue is pretty spectacular – Ingestre Hall near Stafford with its grand staircase and hall makes you feel as though you’ve walked into a time warp and that’s before all the mad shenanigans begin. So glad I’ve been booked for next year too!


Kae Montgomery30th October 2016
Abingdon, Oxfordshire
I can’t believe how lucky I was to get on these workshops. Stupidly I’d double booked myself and so had to fulfil my promise to perform. Then with only one week to go the performance was cancelled and I managed to grab a spot on Kae’s workshops hosted by my very good friends the Ashnah ladies who also invited me to perform with them at the Friday night dinner

The Workshops
The Caterpillar Diagonal
Cafe style
Bounce Back from Mistakes
ATS Solo
Hips don’t lie!
Fake it till you make it

Jan’s Belly Spa – Torquay  16 – 18th September
hosted by Jan Piggott and ATS® workshops with Kelley

General Skills Classic and Modern ATS® and Teacher Training for ATS®  
Barcelona, Spain – 19th – 27th June 2016
Kelley was incredibly honoured and absolutely thrilled to be invited to assist Carolena & Megha in teaching both GS and TT. There were 70 participants from all over the world – Europe, Russia, South America

Black Veil Tribal’s Workshops and Beltane Benefit Boogie –  7th May 2016

Coedpoeth Parish Hall, Wrexham
I’m always up for a challenge so when Bridie Przibram asked me to teach Duelling Duets and Rush Hour  to her predominantly Black Sheep people I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. But what a great bunch, really willing to give it a go and they succeeded. Then there was the added bonus of the wonderful haflah in the evening and I was so pleased when Jo Taylor from Stockport and Jane Lawler from Southport agreed to dance with me. It was so good to catch up with Bridie as I hadn’t seen her since we were room mates at Tribal Fest 11 and we finished off the weekend with a fabulous cooked breakfast with all her students

Oasis in the Sahara desert, Morocco – 17th – 26th March 2016 
Kelley, Angela, Mark and Allal

Great fun was had by all when Oasis and Tribe Zuza joined forces for the latest adventure in the Sahara desert. Angela, Mark and Allal MadNomad hosted the most incredible trip to Morocco with quirky hotels in Marrakech, haggling in the souks, entertainments in the square as well as musicians who visited us in our over night stop at Ourzazate en route to the desert.  We travelled through the Valley of the Roses also known as 1000 Casbahs eventually arriving in Khamlia – the heart of the Gnawa. What a fantastic place to teach workshops, in a Berber tented camp with the most fantastic local Gnawa musicians. Angela and I taught dance whilst Allal taught drums with plenty of extra curricular activities visiting local artists and dancing and drumming in the sand dunes with spectacular sunsets. Picked up some gagarbas and played and drummed round the campfire, experienced the most amazing sandstorm, visited the Atlas mountains with its oases, sandstone fortresses and of course the souks  and hammams of Marrakech. A truly magical and memorable experience – so check out the photos

Majma 2016 – 4th – 6th March

Kelley thoroughly enjoyed teaching two workshops at this prestigious annual event:


Let’s Throw Some Shapes 
Urban Slang: the act of forming shapes in the air with one’s hands and arms whilst dancing
How you hold your arms can really make or break your presentation. We’ll work on creating strong, beautiful, graceful arms from fingertips to shoulders to really bring out the flamenco passion and drama as well as breaking down some stunning moves and slow turns which create the poses every photographer loves
Jeepers Creepers – where did you get those peepers?
Have you heard the age old sayings – “ use your eyes” or “her eyes said it all” ?
In ATS® our eyes are invaluable not only in picking up the cues and gestures that tell us what will happen next but also in passing on messages.
We’ll look at how we use our eyes to see where we are going, to read and convey signals and put it all into practice. So, watch out – there’ll be plenty of fun dance action!
Level: Intermediate and up

Kalash – Majma 2016 Set 2 from Kalash Tribal on Vimeo.

Phone Home, Homecoming 201615th – 17th January

Burlingame, California

Friday evening participant showcase with Troupe Britannia featuring dancers from all corners of the UK plus our good friend Jesse of FatChance

Touch the Music – Carolena Nericcio
We like to Move It, Move It! – Megha Gavin
Classic ATS®, a Practical Study – Wendy Allen
The Power of Two – Kristine Adams
Art of the Assist – Anita Lalwani
Art in ATS® – Sandi Ball
What about the Chorus – Liz Malcom
Work that Skirt – Krisztina Naz-Clark
Dancing in Flow – Carolena Nericcio

On Saturday evening I was honoured to duet with Deana Lawman in the teachers showcase

but the icing on the cake was dancing with the ATT graduates and our teachers Carolena Nericcio and Megha Gavin

The First Ever ATT Graduates with Carolena & Megha – Homecoming 2016 from Kalash Tribal on Vimeo.

3 Day intensive workshops with Carolena Nericcio and Kristine Adams
FatChanceBellyDance Studio, San Francisco
Focusing Inward
Focusing Outward
ATS® Performance