Tribalog 2014

Kalash’s Yuletide Oasis at the Toucan
13th December

What a fantastic end to the year – dancers from all over the UK once again attended our Oasis workshops and showed off the new “I bloody love Oasis” T shirts. If anyone has picked up Stephen’s by mistake please shout as he didn’t even get to try it on!! We worked hard on the theme of circles  which seemed appropriate given that the year was coming to an end and a new one would soon start the next cycle.
Then it was back to the barn to get ready for the evening’s festivities. The food was fabulous, the company scintillating and the entertainment …. well it was very entertaining especially Mr Miknenas’ impromptu solo and Jane’s moustachioed performance. It was made even more special by having Pete and Stephen otherwise known as Slapka Doumtek playing live – thanks guys. Oasis gets better and better










Kristine Adams – From the Belly of a Traveller UK Tour – August to October 2014

Days out and fun with Miss Adams – I don’t think there is one sensible photo here!!














Having organised Kristine’s UK tour, which also took in the Isle of Man and Eire, I knew what was going to be on offer so saved hard and jumped at every chance to learn with this inspiring teacher. In fact I have to admit I became a bit of a Kristine groupie. Goodness knows how many Derwood Green videos I ended up in – will have to check when the year 3 video comes out. Suffice to say we danced at Glastonbury Abbey, Stonehenge, Avebury Circle & West Kennet Avenue plus the workshop videos at Tarr Steps, Essex and Newcastle.

I’m so pleased that my students had the chance to learn with Kristine too when she brought a little bit of San Francisco mothership in to my usual Saturday morning classes. The troupies didn’t miss out either to grab an opportunity for a Kalash Tribal troupe private.

I think I must have done just about every workshop on Kristine’s list and clocked up 48.5 hours for my Sister Studio Continuing Education (SSCE). They were all absolutely brilliant, but for me the best part about attending so many of Kristine’s workshops was having time to absorb and assimilate the information as well as reinforcing knowledge and understanding.

Kristine Adams of FCBD®
Devon Workshops hosted by Kelley & Jacqui

Friday 29th August – 6 hours 
Bampton, Devon
‘The Thinking Dancer’ a tailor-made workshop for 12 advanced dancers  as part of a 3 day package combining technique, drills, discussion and lecture for a more intimate experience.


Saturday 30th August – 6 hours
Exe Valley Leisure Centre, Tiverton
Molasses in Winter~
The Ooie-Gooie of Slow – The name of the game is ‘how slow can you go?’ bringing the super slinky into your dance. Get the snake charming technique to hypnotize the room and bring your slow to an all new level.
Fast Without the Fury – Learn to fast, faster, fastest without the worry. Leave behind the franticness when dancing fast and face your audience with grace and ease.
Don’t Chatter~ATS Nonverbal Communication – Take nonverbal dance to the limits and learn how to properly cue and execute these challenging combinations.

Sunday 31st August – 5 hours
Exe Valley Leisure Centre, Tiverton
Dotting Your ‘i’s and Crossing Your ‘t’s. Watching Your ‘p’s and “cues” Technique, Technique, Technique! 
This workshop will hone in on the minutest details of what it takes to make your dance amazing! We will get into the smallest details of what “makes it work.”
Manipulating the Motif  
Simple ways to bring continuity and grace to your dance. Learn to take the recurring subject, theme, and idea of ATS and bring new life to your dance by manipulating the movements with ease.
The Ginger-Ro-Shambo 
Extreme combinations.

Monday 1st & Tuesday 2nd September 10 hours 
Riverside Hall, Bampton, Devon 
Dancers that think, ATS® for the Intelligent Dancer – 
a tailor-made workshop for 10 ATS® teachers  part of a 4 day package combining technique, drills, discussion and lecture for a more intimate experience.


Essex Workshops 21st September – hosted by Deana Lawman, Tribal Unity 
Kreate Dance Studio, Basildon

Topsy Turvey ~Bringing Balance to Your Dance – With quick changes, level changes, turns and spins, this workshop will focus on keeping your cool and your feet.
Stop Drop and Roll –  floorwork
Shimmies! – Every shimmy under the ATS sun! Learn to shake and shimmy in every way possible, keep your audience amazed with this continuous movement. We will study closely the mechanics of what makes up the shimmy and work on make your shimmy bigger, bolder, and more reliable.

Newcastle Workshops 11 – 12 October – hosted by Angela Noble, Tribe Zuza



Know Your Roots – Go back to basics and learn the backbone of your dance, refine your technique of the first four families to make the rest of your dancing excel. Learn  how to clean up your basic movements and make speed and dexterity your friend.
Building on the Basics Working off the foundation of classic ATS, explore the modifications brought to the basic steps to expand the ATS vocabulary.
Go with the Flow ~Smooth Transitions – Make the moments between the movements count. In this workshop we will focus on how to bring an elegance and refinement to the “and” to give your dance a polished, educated look.
Hot Off the Press (new moves) – The world of ATS is quickly expanding, in this workshop we will focus on brand new moves brought to you by FCBD® Sister Studios, and a few by FCBD®.
Power x2 – Ever wonder what makes a power duet so magical, learn to play with your friends and bring a rush of enthusiasm from your audience.
Thinking Dancer – Stop taking the floor and giving it all away in the first 5 seconds, learn the art of exploring a movement and the connected family of movements to keep yourself and your audience entertained.

Teacher Training for ATS®
The Freight House, Rochford Essex (UK)
23rd – 24th June 2014

My 2nd time for teacher training!!!

As a Sister Studio I felt in need of a refresher course since it was a few years since my last GS and Teacher Training. This was my second time for teacher training so it was very interesting to see the new style format in action. It was far less intimidating than my first time around where Mama C sat in her eyrie and cast her beady eye over our efforts. This time we were split into groups where we each presented our steps and received feedback from our ‘students’. Listening to the feedback from each group highlighted great do’s and don’ts for us all to take away with us. Curriculum included instruction on how to present the concept of ATS®, the steps, verbal instruction, physical cueing, assessing students needs, answering common questions, structuring a class and troubleshooting.

FCBD® General Skills for Classic and Modern ATS® Intensive
The Freight House, Rochford Essex (UK)
18th – 21st June 2014

3rd GS!!

So my 3rd GS and once again I picked up several real gems that hadn’t sunk in before – I’ve now cracked the shoulder shimmy and how to teach it. I love it when I have a real FCBD® teacher in front of me and I can see how her body is working whilst listening to her description of what she is doing. It was great to reaffirm that I am doing things correctly and to brush up on one or two areas that needed a little more clarification

This was a 20 hour intensive presenting 70+ steps from the FCBD® vocabulary documented on Tribal Basics DVDs Vol. 1-7. The course was divided into Classic and Modern ATS®; including cues, formations, lead and follow, chorus, zils, creative steps and combinations.


Kelley of Kalash Tribal – Workshops – 27th April
hosted by Victoria Bone
InAlignment Studios, Stokes Croft, Bristol BS1 3QY (above the canteen)

Bust a move Verb: to break a dance step down
a close look at some of the latest moves from FatChanceBellyDance® and ATS® Sister Studios (from FCBD® Volume 9). We’ll break down several fast steps and slow movements paying particular attention to those little details and nuances that make all the difference. Then we’ll get creative.

Belly Buttons  Pushing all the right buttons – learning the language of ATS® is like learning any other language and can sometimes be misinterpreted. So make your message crystal clear using non verbal communication to clearly transmit your intentions to your follow dancers and learn what you should be looking for to receive the message loud and clear. Plenty of group work with emphasis on communication between dancers – in other words “shut up and dance”.

Horizon Hips First ATS® Residential Weekend
24 – 26th January, Cambridge
A fabulous weekend offering real value for money and guess who’s teaching there next year!!!
ATS® Bootcamp! – Jesse Stanbridge
Jesse brought the FCBD Studio energy and work ethic with her and we trained like pros in this drills class covering isolations, shimmies and spins.
Wake Up & Warm Up – Charlotte Wassell
Charlotte gave us an energetic warm up session to prepare us for the day’s workshops. We progressed through a sequence of fun cardio conditioning for strength and stretches designed to loosen and elongate our muscles
The Power of Three – Philippa Moirai
we reviewed standard trios and diagonals and then used them in fades and Modern ATS® combos designed for three
Modern ATS® Movements – Jesse Stanbridge
this workshop looked at and drilled new moves and combos from DVD9 with some creative ways of usimg them
Come on in for an ATS® Service – Christine Tillett
looking at tweaking and fine tuning
Wake Up & Warm Up – Angela Noble
a lovely gentle warmup using stretching exercises in mindfulness and body awareness
Performance Skills – Jesse Standbridge
techniques, tips and tricks to make your sets really pop
ATS® Sword – Denise Piggin & Anna Sollini
a really useful workshop in sword handling and the crucial transitioning to connect moves together