Tribalog 2011

Sept / November 2011
So good to get the chance to go to New York and catch up with some of the beautiful ladies I met on my first GS – the Manhattan Tribal girls. Managed to get to Mimi’s Level, 1 2 & 3 classes as well as taking the ferry over to Staten Island for more classes with Naja who as well as dancing with Manhattan Tribal also has her own troupe – Tribe Hamsa.





Great opportunity to see other teachers in action and pick up different ways of explaining moves as well as help with fine tuning my own dance and learn some of Mahattan Tribal’s own signature combos. Learned a new word too – ‘weenus’ – slang term for the flap of skin on your elbow – hahaha!!!! Think I’ll stick to keeping ‘elbows’ up to the ceiling.

WENDY ALLEN – FCBD® – Tiverton, Devon
22 – 24 July, 2011

This was the first time I had ever hosted an event (with friend and fellow Sister Studio Jacqui Spiers)
Wendy flew in from San Francisco and after a day or so acclimatising and a real Devon clotted cream tea we were treated to a private lesson. The next few days passed in a whirlwind of workshops repeated across 3 days:
The FatChance Flair – the subtleties and attention to detail that sets FCBD® apart – posture, posture, posture, arms,arms, arms – a mantra for all us ATS® students!
Arms and Hands – connecting the dots, transitioning from one move to another with clear cues – really really useful workshop – it’s so difficult to pickup the little things that join everything together when learning from DVD’s – there’s nothing like having a real live teacher to follow
Work that Shimmy! – making your shimmy show all the time, loads of drilling of all types of shimmy in the ATS® vocab
Improv in Action – how to build an effective set on the spot
thinking on your feet, making quick decisions to just get out there and do it – would have liked more time on this one – 2 hours just wasn’t enough

Some of the girls opted to camp at the farm whilst others treated themselves to a bit more luxury. Then after a hard day’s work at the Saturday workshop everyone dressed in their finery for a really lovely informal tribal gathering in the barn which we’d decked out with saris,carpets and cushions. Angela and Mark of Tribe Zuza brought the purple van and set up souk, we feasted on loads of yummy veggie food and stuffed ourselves with Turkish Delight cheesecake. Then set about burning off the calories with loads of dancing and special performances from our wonderful teacher, Wendy and guest Samantha Emanuel

TRIBAL FEST 11, Sebastopol, California
18 – 22 May, 2011

After a fantastic week in San Francisco catching up with old friends, attending classes and a bit of sightseeing I headed off to Sebastopol to meet my room mate Bridie Przibram. I had been incredibly lucky to get a room close to the venue thanks to Heike and Tree who have been attending Tribal Fest as teachers and performers for a number of years. Apart from all the workshops I had often drooled over Youtube watching the various performers and just longed to see some of the world famous dancers in the flesh – not least of course FatChance BellyDance® who would be closing the Sunday night show.
How fantastic was it to see FCBD®, Colleena, Unmata, Rachel Brice, Sam Emanuel , Mardi Love, Zoe Jakes and the fabulous Sooz who brought the house down with her ATS® performance to Queen’s “Don’t stop me now”, all these amazing dancers under one roof! Then of course there is all the vending to tempt you to part, far too easily, with your dollars. After a hard day of workshops it was back to the hotel restaurant (a converted train carriage) for some great food and a few bevvies. Tree and Heike knew absolutely everyone so it was really easy to chill with the girls and get to know lots of new people. Thankfully we all survived the ‘Rapture’ so I’ll definitely be going again.

Kami Liddle – Arms and what to do with them
Kami valiantly stood in last minute for Wendy Marlatt who sadly had to cancel her Advanced ATS® workshop in the last few days prior to the start of TF11. Soooo disappointing as I have a very soft spot for Wendy and was looking forward to studying with her again. I enjoyed the workshop but am not good at remembering choreography and tend to avoid workshops that advertise that a choreography will be taught. I thoroughly enjoyed the first half of the workshop which was all about technique and I love Kami’s humour and just have to post this clip of her with her dad

Carolena Nericcio – 3 day intensive – Connecting the Dots
3 workshops aimed at putting technique and performance skills together to create a dynamite show.
Whilst it is always an honour to study with Carolena herself I must admit that having travelled several thousand miles and spent loadsa dollars I was just a little disappointed. To clarify then I have already studied with Carolena on several occasions and covered many of the things included in these workshops and although not proficient in any of the areas I had hoped to glean a few more nuggets for my dollars. I’m not criticising my teacher or the content of the workshops – if you’ve never had the opportunity of first hand tuition from Carolena then take your chances when you can, Carolena is an outstanding teacher and the workshop content is invaluable. For me however I think if I am to spend that sort of money I would prefer to go to her studio for classes and privates and study more directly than in a huge workshop at a big event – having said that then I‘ve already booked for Majma 2012 cos you can’t pass up the opportunity to study with the Master teacher herself – there is always something to learn.

Troupe Hipnotica – Precision
interesting to see how other troupes have taken ATS® and adapted it into their own style but it wasn’t really for me

Tempest – Shimmies – Sassy to Sizzling
a really good breakdown of different types of hip shimmy in Tempest’s inimitable style complete with very amusing vocabulary. ‘Squeezing the Princess’ will never mean the same again!!!!

Quinn Donovan – Thrilling Zilling
my favourite workshop by far with an excellent teacher – playing with zil patterns for all FCBD® ATS® steps beyond the usual zill patterns. Quinn has developed her own method of teaching zils by number – initially took me a while to get my head round this but it soon slotted into place and made perfect sense – now it’s going to be all down to practise!

Bridie Przibram – Gypsy Soul
my room mate’s first time teaching at Tribal Fest and she did a great job introducing us to Polish gypsy dance. Lots of emotion in this beautiful soulful skirt dance and some pretty nifty footwork at times. Really enjoyed it as well as seeing Bridie perform the dance on the TF11 stage

Kathy Stahlman – Dynamic Duets
a former FCBD® member Kathy now runs her own troupe – Tribal Moon. The workshop dealt with her own take on creating dynamic ATS® duets – lots of interesting weaving of moves in diagonal format

E Artemis Mourat – 2 days – Romany Culture
a wonderful insight into the history of Roma and ‘gypsy’ dance. From the exodus from India several centuries ago to the gatherings of the ‘G’ people today, the persecution and annihilation during WW2 to famous ‘G’ people who have hidden their roots eg Charlie Chaplin and Bill Clinton. Artemis showed a passion and knowledge of the Roma which held me spellbound.

Sooz – Outside the Box
this lady just exudes charisma – her TF11 performance to Queen’s ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ sums her up perfectly. Who else could perform ATS® to Queen and get away with it? Seriously though, her workshop stuck to ATS® but looked at different ways to present the dance by adding little twists. Why start your performance facing front when it can be just as effective starting with your backs to the audience?

15 May, 2011
Kalbelia Gypsy Dance – absolutely loved this workshop. Colleena explained how she has gradually been accepted by the gypsies of Rajhastan, who certainly have spun her a tale or two in the process, but have allowed her access to their dance. Lots of hip swaying and ‘mudras’ – magical!
North Indian Turns and Steps – a breakdown of all aspects of spins and turns culminating in the ultimate barrel turn – definitely for the brave and well balanced – haha!
A truly inspiring teacher – just stunningly beautiful – just take a look at this

12 – 15 May, 2011
Regular classes at the studios – Level 1, 2, 3, & 4
Private lessons with Kristine, Marsha, Kae and Sandi
Sheer bliss – total submersion. I absolutely love going to all the classes as there is always so much to learn (or re-learn) no matter what skill level you are. Really worth saving up for a trip to the Mothership just to do the classes let alone booking private one-to one sessions with the teachers – am saving my pennies for another trip.



Rochford, Essex
19 March, 2011
Teacher Training 2 and The Tribally Inspired Show
Hosted by Philippa & Jesse of Morai and Deana of Tribal Unity

a whole day shared with other UK Sister Studios and teachers and our master teacher Carolena Nericcio culminating in the presentation of our final certificates for completing the 2nd part of Teacher Training

This was the final day of a busy week of GS for many participants which opened the previous weekend with the show ‘Tribally Inspired’ where 9 of the 11 UK Sister Studios performed improv together for the very first time. The show was absolutely wonderful with specialist performances depicting all the influences found in ATS®