Tribalog 2009

Just a few notes, photos and videos on trips, events and people I’ve met since I took up ATS®  –  those who have inspired me, taught and encouraged me, danced and shared this beautiful dance with me.  Plus workshop fun, sweat and aching muscles……….all have been really enjoyable, some more useful than others but there is always something to learn – in chronological order  year by year from the most recent to yonks ago!!!

16 – 18 October 2009
hosted by Barefoot Bellydance Aylesbury

This was a special treat for me as for the first time ever our whole troupe joined in to come to the workshops along with a couple of my dedicated students. We all shared a dorm together and had a really fab weekend of workshops and catching up with old friends not least Steffi and her crew. Sadly the theatre where we were all due to perform had some problems and Steffi had a quick change of plan and used one of the workshop areas. The lighting was a bit more difficult to organise last minute but the atmosphere was far less intimidating than a proper theatre and the audience just gathered around sitting on the floor.

TRIBAL DRUMS – Rick & Chris of Barefoot Bellydance
An introduction to middle eastern drum rhythms – I did this workshop last year so it proves how enjoyable it was cos I did it again! Still can’t remember which rhythm is which though. Might have to do it again next year!

AFRICAN DANCE Louisa Thomsen
Fantastic – really earthy back to your roots stuff. I really connected with this dance – fabulous teacher and got me in the mood for our performance that same evening

A really really useful workshop which helped explain so much about how to transition between moves and change leads in really interesting ways to ensure your duet is dynamic!!!

ATS® FORMATIONS TURNS & SPINS – Sarah Jefferies-Emrys
Having done a spins workshop with Sarah in the past it was sooooo good to re-inforce and remind myself of all the useful hints and tips Sarah gives for performing those fast spins and turns which usually knock you completely off balance.

ART OF POI – Philippa of Moirai
Well, I signed up for this one as a bit of relaxation and fun at the end of a busy busy weekend of workshops and performance. Forget the relaxation, Philippa worked us hard and fast. However hard it was definitely fun – I’ve just got to practise, practise, practise – watch out Josh (that’s my son) I’ll be nicking your fire poi!!!!!!!

9 May 2009
Hosted by Charlie Stockford

It was great to meet up with Deana and Helen again this time for two workshops. One an introduction to ATS® for beginners and the other Slow & Fast ATS® combinations using different zil patterns

No matter what your skill level it’s so worthwhile going over the basics again and again and again. It really helps to revisit moves that you already have in your muscle memory as it’s so easy to drop into bad habits. I love experiencing different teachers as very often they present things in a different way and I will pick up on things I can fine tune. On this occasion it was great to take a few of my students along, apart from which it was a great excuse for some good fun ATS® and I always love seeing Deana

The second workshop incorporated different zil patterns and Deana asked Jacqui and I to demonstrate some slow dance with Helen while she played the Moroccan 6 zil pattern. I have to admit I didn’t feel too confident being put on the spot for an impromtu performance to the other students but with Helen’s help we gave a passable demo – haha.

OZGEN  – Uplowman, Devon
3 October 2009
Hosted by Indu

Having done a workshop with Ozgen last year I knew I was in for a treat with this very charismatic and inspiring teacher. There was near disaster at the beginning of the workshop as Ozgen had brought all his music on a CD which wouldn’t play on Emily’s laptop. Fortunately, as I’d come straight from class I had my boombox in the car so managed to come to the rescue. So with no further ado we got cracking. Just what I needed to give me some attitude. If only I could lose all inhibitions like Ozgen – he had us all purring like pussycats by the end – literally! He made us purr  and growl while we were dancing in an effort to give us some attitude. I just love watching him when he’s teaching he’s just so camp but adorable. Great fun and a slinky street choreo for the second half. Considering I’m usually pretty useless at remembering choreos I didn’t do too badly

MAJMA – Glastonbury
6-9 March 2009

Feeling really spoiled as it’s only a few weeks ago that I completed GS with Carolena in San Francisco. Booked all of the workshops with Carolena and Megha plus a stage make-up workshop. Friday night kicked off with the first of the shows and I got to see my teachers perform. Even better though was the more informal performance they gave at the tribal party after the show. I really wish my troupe mates would come along to these events they’d benefit so much from firsthand tuition with Mama C and Megha. Seems crazy to me not to when they are on our doorstep as those chances just don’t come up often enough

True Tribal Basics and Tribal Combinations
Floorwork (Carolena was right – the pain hits 3 days later)
Powerful Presence
Drills for Leading and Following
Improvised Choreography

HILDE CANNOODT – Uplowman, Devon
28th February 2009
Hosted by Indu and Ashima

Sadly I could only attend one of Hilde’s workshops as I had my own classes to teach in the morning. Hilde is very talented and she never ceases to amaze me with her incredibly broad bellydance skills from cabaret to fusion to ATS®

Intro to Tribal Fusion – choreography. An enjoyable workshop but I’m not a big fan of choreography workshops cos I can never remember anything. Interesting to see how ATS® forms the roots of fusion though



17 – 24 February 2009
FatChanceBellyDance® Studio SF
In addition to the 3 day intensive General Skills course there was the added bonus of classes with each of Marsha, Anita, Sandi, Wendy & Kristine. Attended as many as I could squeeze in to my visit – just fantastic to see every one in the flesh rather than 2 dimensional camera shots. Picked up loads of hints and tips – must now start practising them.










23 – 25 January 2009

The Bellydance Superstars presented a three day Event of Tribal and Tribal Fusion Bellydance. Hosted by the Tribal Members of the Bellydance Superstars and Special Guests: Included Workshops from the top Tribal Teachers from the US and UK. Exclusive Live Performance on Saturday night, a Tribal Souk and a Special Private Party at Shish Bar and Restaurant on Friday night!

SARAH & DEANA of KISMET- Fun with Formations
I always enjoy workshops with these two – working in small groups we had lots of help on fading and different ways to change lead using basic steps in fast combinations which meant fairly rapid lead changes. Followed through with chorus work.

DONNA of PEDRALTA – Flamenco Passion
I’m forever trying to make my arms and hands look stronger and more graceful and Donna’s workshop really concentrated on beautiful hands and arms and the use of floreos in simple but dramatic flamenco style combos which I shall definitely use as exercises to help with my ATS® arms!

WENDY MARLATT – Melancholy Combos
I just love this lady’s quirkiness and passion. This workshop played with gravity using turns, lunges, spins and flourishes in delightful combos which we had to perform with feeling and then do again but with even more feeling!!

KI SMITH of NEOHIPS – “Live the Drama”
The workshop was based on combos used in the NeoHips choreography during their guest performance in the Saturday night show. After an enormous exhalation of lion’s breath we launched into dancing outside the box with larger than life theatrical combos. Good fun.