Tribalog 2007

Just a few notes, photos and videos on trips, events and people I’ve met since I took up ATS®  –  those who have inspired me, taught and encouraged me, danced and shared this beautiful dance with me.  Plus workshop fun, sweat and aching muscles……….all have been really enjoyable, some more useful than others but there is always something to learn – in chronological order  year by year from the most recent to yonks ago!!!

OZGEN – Exeter, Devon
October 2007
Turkish gypsy (romani dance) 9/8 rhythm….fun, quick and loadsa attitude. I’ve washed my skirts, beaten my breast, shaken my fist, stamped my feet and looked proudly down my nose…………………

I just really love the passion that comes through both in the dance and Ozgen’s teaching. He spent quite some time trying to get us to lose all inhibitions and act proud and aloof – now if only I could bottle up some of his panache

September 2007

Oh what a wonderful journey I’ve started out on. We have our very own Belly Dance Super Star living just down the road. Well, at least she is when she’s not travelling all over the world. So my first introduction to having a go at Tribal Fusion – wow, makes one realise one’s limitations!!!! Boy, do those girls train hard – thankfully the wicked warmup was more intimidating than the actual workshops!

Tribal Fusion
Focussed on strength training, refining technique through repetition of movements, building muscle memory and cultivating strong stage presence.
Basic Yoga Asanas as well as strengthening exercises based on Sam’s martial arts studies.

Tribal make-up and costume
Sam emptied her suitcase of all her fabulous make up and tribal costuming and let us have a good rummage. Picked up some really useful hints and tips on how to put costuming together without costing a fortune. Sam was really down to earth and willing to share. I’m going to have to raid my material boxes – I feel a tribal belt is in the making

The art of layering one movement over another – really had fun with this as my body decided to do a different thing to my brain

Zill class
learning how to dance and play the zils at the same time – now there’s a challenge
Really enjoyed Sam’s mesmerizing performance at the haflah and spent a lovely evening chatting with Sam’s mum – her first workshop with Sam too!

GENEVA BYBEE- Tiverton, Devon
June 2007
This was my very first experience in tribal bellydance and opened the door to a whole new life. Geneva so totally inspired me with wonderful gypsy dance steps, use of cues and combinations. Having only ever done cabaret bellydance I wasn’t sure what I was letting myself in for. Suhaila squats and a very serious hardcore warmup for a start and a  strange language of hand signals and gestures which so intrigued me to find out more! Geneva was selling various music cd’s and merchandise and so I bought the music CD by Djinn that she had been using in the workshop and my first FatChanceBellyDance instructional DVD and set about teaching myself at home.