Big Pants & his Rogues Gallery

 Big Pants has been officially adopted as the Kalash mascot.

He made his debut at Tribal Pura  Edinburgh in October 2012 where he was very excited to meet both Carolena Nericcio, director of FCBD® and Megha Gavin of Devyani

Big Pants is thrilled with his new celebrity status having spent many years stuffed in pockets and rucksacks and is hoping to further his career as troupe mascot. His ambitions are to travel, help raise funds for our Congo projects and meet lots of interesting people.

Watch this space and keep up to date with:


Newsflash: Big Pants hires body double!
After several scares where we feared for Big Pants safety and whereabouts he has employed a stray cat (found under a table at Homecoming 2015). CAT is employed as a body double to undertake the dangerous mission of travelling to workshops far and wide in the knowledge that he may disappear never to be seen again and will be substituted for Big Pants when possible

Kae Montgomery – hosted by Ashnah & Maho
February 2015



Homecoming 2015 – Burlingame, San Francisco

January 2015
CAT is discovered and quickly employed as Big Pants body double

Kristine Adam’s UK Tour – From the Belly of a Traveller

August 2014

Second hand books and fairy tales!

Kristine Adams









Tribal Goddess, Ford Castle
April 2014

Big Pants was in for a real treat when Lucy bought him his very own throne from an antique shop in Ford plus our naughty rascal met the King of the Castle Mr Zuza himself

Mark Zuza










Wendy Allen of FatChanceBellyDance® UK
Workshops- May 2013

After working hard for 3 days Big Pants was able to chillout round the campfire, chatting with friends, cooking and relaxing to the sounds of the ’30’s and he got to be bosom buddies with the fabulous Wendy Allen

Rose Chanin’s Variety Show – May 2013
Big Pants was so excited to have his very own dressing room and spent most of the time watching the show on the stage monitor while the rest of the gang got ready.

The Uffculme Show – May 2013
Big Pants enjoyed glorious sunshine, a wonderful crowd and just loved all the vintage cars


Billion Rising Haflah – February 2013
Big Pants was beside himself when he got to snuggle up with our special guests Charlotte and Philippa plus joining in the antics with some of his old friends and  raising £300 for charity – his dreams and ambitions are coming true. Well done Big Pants

Arabian Nights – January 2013
Big Pants thoroughly enjoyed Elton’s birthday party especially as he got to dance with the birthday boy!



Oasis Tribal at the Toucan – December 2012
Big Pants shared a fantastic evening with ‘Oasis Tribal’ – he was just sooooo excited to rub shoulders with all the fabulous dancers from all over the UK who entertained each other, danced, laughed, chatted and shimmied the night away. He was also chuffed to bits with his new outfit and felt like an absolute king

Newton Abbott , Mahira’s Haflah – November 2012 raising money for Help the Heroes

Edinburgh – October 2012
Tribal Pura with Carolena Nericcio & Megha Gavin