Oasis 2014

13th December 2014 – “Ring the Changes workshop” Oasis & Kalash’s Yuletide at The Toucan

What a fantastic end to the year – dancers from all over the UK once again attended our Oasis workshops and showed off the new “I bloody love Oasis” T shirts. If anyone has picked up Stephen’s by mistake please shout as he didn’t even get to try it on!! We worked hard on the theme of circles  which seemed appropriate given that the year was coming to an end and a new one would soon start the next cycle.
Then it was back to the barn to get ready for the evening’s festivities. The food was fabulous, the company scintillating and the entertainment …. well it was very entertaining especially Mr Miknenas’ impromptu solo and Jane’s moustachioed performance. It was made even more special by having Pete and Stephen otherwise known as Slapka Doumtek playing live – thanks guys. Oasis gets better and better

15th March 2014 – Oasis Chariots of Fire