What has inspired me most about working with Kelley is not just her own beautiful mastery of the dance but her ability to draw out the best from her students and peers. Her devotion to fostering the group aspect of this dance is clearly the priority of her dance journey, and in doing this work she has built something much larger than her own dance. It continues to ripple out and grow, strengthening the ATS community at large.

– Ally Shaw, Brigantes Tribal – FCBD Sister Studio

I’d like to offer my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to Kelley Beeston and Kalash Tribal, an ATS sister studio – for initiating me into the world of tribal Bellydance through the mother lineage of Carolena, and having been a huge huge huge impact in my personal and dance journey. Kelley…finding and dancing with you most probably saved my life….on many levels…and like a domino positively affected my sons life, by introducing and nurturing me in healing from a series of some of the most severe traumas a woman can endure, at my most vulnerable. You were the gateway that ushered in my deep experiences of healing through dance. And all that was to follow. Nothing will ever change that.

– Jaydee Amrita Copperfield

…………. there is nothing Kelley enjoys more than bringing the ATS community together. With her hard work Oasis has grown and developed into an event which now attracts dancers from all over the UK. Her workshops are often followed by an evening social gathering with performances, dancing and drumming. Kelley is an inspiration to many of those dancers who attend and some of them now consider her to be their teacher.

– Jacqui Spiers, Tribal Fire – FCBD Sister Studio