Serendipity 2018

“great happiness and friendship is often found, quite unexpectedly, in the most unlikely situations and places”  

The Three Princes of Serendip – Persian fairytale, 1302


26th – 28th October 2018                                                                                 Celebrating 10 years of Oasis workshops – come and join us for a fabulous weekend of inspiring workshops exploring the history and roots of ATS®, journeys and influences along the way                                                                                       dancing, drumming, crafting, fun and friendship
Need SSCE hours? Gain 9 of your 10 hours in one weekend!
NB:10th hour must be with Carolena herself

Kelley and Jacqui will be joined by some of the UK’s favourite teachers – the Zuza’s and Asif Qu for starters and we’ll let you know who else soon. The weekend is flexible to welcome dancers, drummers or non dancing/drumming companions with full board and accommodation for all with plenty to do in the surrounding area plus enjoying our evening entertainments

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Serendipity dance top and hoody