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Classes re-start 12th January 2019

CLASSES run all year round but please check here for exceptions – no classes on :
22nd, 29th December 2018
5th January 2019
20th April 2019 (Easter)
4th May 2019 



Teacher: Kelley (Kalash Tribal)
Tribal belly dance is a fantastic way to keep fit, make friends, have fun and feel like the beautiful woman you are. From absolute beginner to performance level we’ll teach you how to dance step by step. Email now to register for classes and learn the basic fundamentals of this inclusive form of bellydance fusing north African dance with influences from India and gypsy flamenco. Mysteriously slow sensual movements combine with earthy energetic steps to create an easy to follow format with no need to learn choreography.

Moving on we’ll explore new moves in creative combinations using a ‘secret’ language of cues and gestures which can be understood by American Tribal Style® bellydancers all over the world. We’ll practise leading and following, transitioning between moves, working in formations and chorus to weave a tapestry of improvisational choreography  – a workout for mind, body and soul.
You are welcome to join us at any stage as we have plenty of review built into each class. So dedicate some time to yourself and enjoy the power of dancing.

11.45 – 13.00 SATURDAYS – SPECIALITY CLASSES – ATS Musicality

You know the steps now use them to interpret the music. Each week we’ll choose a track and take it apart, map out the phrasing, look for the coat hangers and memory joggers!

ATS Musicality 2018

How does the music make us feel, is it swirly, bouncy, bumpy, what steps could we use to fit how we feel. How do we transition smoothly from one step to another, one phrase to the next. Lots of drills and dance practise.

A good knowledge of the classic ATS® steps covered in Tribal Basics & Beyond is required for these classes

Please arrive about 10 minutes before class starts


  • buy a class card for 5 lessons and get the 6th class free (card valid across 8 lessons so you can miss 3 weeks and not lose money) – £40
  • buy a class card for both classes and save a bit more – £75
  • drop in price is £8 per lesson or £15 for both classes
  • gift tokens available

6 lesson Class Card Tribal Basics & Beyond £40

6 lesson Class Card Props with ATS £40

6 lesson Class Card both classes £75

loose comfortable clothing like yoga pants and T shirt or a very full gypsy style skirt and short top, barefeet (or dance shoes only) and a smile!