Contraceptive Implant Project

Kalash Tribal together with Carolena Nericcio our mentor and founder of our dance, raise money so that women on the island of Idjwi in Lake Kivu, in the Democratic Republic of Congo can have a contraceptive implant.

The Queen of the island organised a self-help group called UFIN which encourages women and their husbands to use contraception which gives the family a chance to space out the birth of their children and so improve the nutrition, care and education for each child. The program has now been running for three years and today has 6000 couples signed up for contraception. But………the majority of these live on less than $1 per day and are unable to afford the implant.

Our challenge in 2015 was that only 43 couples had been able to afford the $7 implant and the ATS® community responded with generosity and supported the Queen with donations that enabled 200 women to have the implant.

Today we are pleased that a further 600 women have received implants, which means 800 women and their families have now benefited from our help – that’s positive impact on at least 6400 people. More than 150 of these women have since formed a savings group so that they can afford a second implant from their own pocket when the time comes and the Queen has been able to demonstrate success to other families on the island.

Our target is to help at least 1000 of these couples and their families to benefit from implant contraception.

– this short video tells how an implant has helped just one family.

This short video explains in the women’s own words how important this project is to them

If you are able to support one or more sisters in the Congo please press the donation button below now and change lives forever.

Both of our Sister to Sister projects are looked after by Ensemble Pour La Différence a registered UK charity (No: 1174074) and our team on the ground in Congo

 Very many thanks for your support

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