Sister to Sister


Our Sister to Sister projects in the Kivu region of the Democratic Republic of Congo started in early 2014 as a result of my visits there with The Luminosity Initiative CIC – a registered community interest company which has now become a UK registered charity Ensemble Pour La Difference (number 1174074). Together with its team on the ground, Ensemble Pour La Difference are working with people emerging from conflict to build businesses that improve daily life for their community to strengthen stability and maintain peace.

Every time I visit Congo the women approach me for help simply because I am a woman – there are many taboos in Congo and some subjects would never be discussed in the presence of men. Many many women are the victims of gender based violence including rape and sexual violence during conflict, many have lost their husbands and in both scenarios the woman is cast out from her family to fend for herself. I realised that these women needed help and this got me thinking – wouldn’t it be fantastic if my dance troupe could do something. So we did – Kalash Tribal organised a haflah and raised enough money to buy a much needed fishing net. Since then things have grown but this little video explains that initial plea for help:

Since then many of you have asked how you too could help either as individuals or by the haflahs, raffles and fundraisers you organise. I am therefore absolutely delighted to welcome on board my master teacher and mentor Carolena Nericcio. Carolena and I will be working closely together in the years to come and will keep you updated on our projects and more importantly how you can help.

Currently we have two initiatives where your help will make an incredible difference to the lives of Congolese women in the Kivu area. This is direct action with 100% of the money going to the projects as Mike and I cover all our own costs – do please check these out and shout if you have any questions:

Sister to Sister Contraceptive Implant Project

Sister to Sister Sewing Project