Serendipity Workshops

“great happiness and friendship is often found, quite unexpectedly, in the most unlikely situations and places”  

The Three Princes of Serendip – Persian fairytale, 1302


26th – 28th October 2018                                                                                 Celebrating 10 years of Oasis workshops – come and join us for a fabulous weekend of inspiring workshops exploring the history and roots of ATS®, journeys and influences along the way
dancing, drumming, crafting, fun and friendship

Need SSCE hours? Gain 9 of your 10 hours in one weekend!
NB:10th hour must be with Carolena herself
If you have no idea what we’re talking about then please don’t worry – it means you’re completely free to choose and enjoy whichever workshop takes your fancy!!!

The weekend is flexible to welcome dancers, drummers or non dancing/drumming companions with full board and accommodation for all with plenty to do in the surrounding area plus enjoying our evening entertainments.

Kelley and Jacqui will be joined by some of the UK’s favourite teachers so you’ll be able to choose from a fabulous selection of dance, drum and craft workshops from highly skilled teachers. Numbers are limited in each workshop to ensure you receive a more personal experience but those requiring SSCE certification will be guaranteed a place on SSCE workshops


Kelley Beeston
Faded Glory (2 hours) (SSCE approved) – We’ll be taking an in depth look at how to set up and execute fades, from the very simplest to some full on fun with modern and dialect steps. We’ll explore what you can and can’t do and the concept of ‘just because you can doesn’t mean you should!’ Experience Level: Intermediate and up

Let’s Get This Show on the Road (SHOWBACK) – (3 hours) (SSCE approved) Literally !!!!!! We’ll have 3 hours to craft a set from start to finish then actually perform it at our Serendipity Masquerade evening.
The workshop will discuss and explore various aspects of building a set and making wise choices that create powerful performances in different situations. We’ll work on performance skills, the dynamics of our group and how best to present ourselves, musicality, entrances, bows and exit.
Wear whatever you decide to wear for the Serendipity Masquerade

ATS® Doctor’s Surgery (2 hours) (SSCE approved) – Need an ATS® cure? Then come to the ATS® Doctor’s surgery where you get to choose the moves we’ll dissect in a really picky technique workshop. Do you have burning questions you’ve always wanted to ask or perhaps you’re not sure exactly where your arm, foot, little finger should be? Or maybe you just want to hone your technique. Then now’s your chance. I will ask participants to nominate the steps you’d like to cover in advance of our workshop and we’ll put it to the vote to create a list together. We’ll start with the majority vote and work our way down through the list until we run out of time

ATS3 – Dancing with the power of 3 (2 hours) (SSCE approved) – Three is the Number of Magic and we’ll be creating exactly that. The power of three is universal, it is all around us in art and architecture, fairy tales and sacred geometry, in many religions and of course in ATS®. Using the 3 groups of steps – classic, modern and dialect – we’ll explore our ATS® vocabulary looking for the 3’s. Then we’ll combine and layer 3’s over even more 3’s creating a powerful and magical presentation. You will need zils! We will be using material from DVD Volumes 1, 4, 7, and 9
Level: Intermediate and up

Asif Qu
Darbuka Technique, Rhythm, and Stylisation
We will look at the basic techniques (more advanced for improvers) that are used to play the darbuka. Using these hits we then look at how rhythms are formed and then how to improvise while others are playing these rhythms. Open level

Samba Band (SHOWBACK)
Using a variety of percussion instruments we will form our own samba band using a mix of Middle Eastern and West African rhythms. Then show us what you’ve learned at the Saturday evening party. Open Level

Workshop Of Unusual Rhythms
In this workshop we will look at rhythms that aren’t normally heard or used. The rhythms we will cover are Karachi, Nawari, a 9/8 and 10/8. Learn how to play these and put a real groove into these rhythms.

Katie Holland
Bharatnatyam technique and combos – This is a fab workshop for dancers who would like to experience and go deeper into Indian classical dance. We will be learning stamps with feet – hand combination techniques and mudras that you will be able to take into your own amazing fusion dances!

Sufi Whirling – As you turn, your presence turns inwards discovering You. You become the conduit between above and below ~ the magical balance inbetween. Whirling has long been used by mystics as a meditative tool to connect to the mysteries of the universe. Whirling also improves your turning technique for all other dance styles.

Bhangra mix (SHOWBACK) – learn a masti*, masala dance to a well known western song with a Bhangra twist! We will look at the meanings relating dance to lyrics and how to tell the story of the song through your dance and expression. Technique and combinations will be built upon to create a very fun and funky choreography! Then show us what you’ve learned at the Saturday evening party.
*masti means naughty

Angela Noble
Indian dialect for ATS – ATS is inspired by many vibrant cultures including Indian. This workshop draws on the aesthetics of Indian dance, fusing classical dance styles with folkloric moves. Odissi dance with its subtle and elegant movements along with the more earthy style of Kalbelia (North Indian Gypsy dance). Angela’s travels in India have focused her interest in developing Indian dialect moves that could be incorporated into the ATS improvised format. We already have established moves in both our slow and fast vocabulary and Angela has devised a collection to share with you which complement these.

Hand stitched zill pouch
The Banjara people are nomadic and use bags to store and carry their personal belongings, food etc. Their bags are embellished with tassels, cowrie shells and shisha work. In this workshop we will look at traditional and more experimental techniques of attaching shisha mirrors. We can add further decoration with additional stitching and beads. The patterns used are simple but it is the use of vibrant coloured threads that makes Banjara work so effective. Your decorated sample can then be transformed into a zill pouch and your new skills applied to further costuming projects on belts, headdresses etc. when you get home

Cinzia di Coccio
Vintage Vamp & Retro Chic Improvisational Tribal Style  – In this workshop Cinzia will guide you from the past to the present through a new expressive, entertaining and elegant improvised dance. Vintage music, aesthetic, expressive inspiration and teasing elements from the past come together with the key concepts of improvisational group dance

Yin Yoga Cool Down – Yoga but not how you know it. Yin yoga is the practice of relaxation and release using the theories of Chinese medicine. It’s a simple and slow-paced practice that acts deeply on the body, in particular on connective tissue. This type of Yoga has numerous benefits: it improves the ability of movement of the joints, stimulates the energy flow, calm emotions and is ideal to recover after a dance session.

Jacqui Spiers
Music is much more than a soundtrack to our dance it is an integral part of it and since ancient times music has been good for the body and soul, but do we always really listen to it?  In this workshop we will try to focus on really hearing the music.   Using our slow vocabulary of movements we will take a look at two contrasting tracks, listen, experiment and look at how it would be best to present ATS®.   A good knowledge of most ATS® slow movements would be very useful, however, an open mind to work within your own dance skill level and a big smile would be just as advantageous.

Lets de-clutter our minds for the weekend ahead, be in the moment, be in the flow!  No talking, no eye contact. Just the music taking us on a short dance journey that could lead anywhere.   Dancing in flow®

Jo Taylor
Totally Tassels
Fluffy, beaded, woolly, embroidered. How do you like your tassels? In this 2 hour workshop we will look at the background of tassel decorations. How they are a staple in old school ATS® costuming and some handy tips for where to use them in your own costume. We will start by making a simple tassel with pom-pom dangles, then look at the techniques used in more elaborate tassels such as shell clusters, beadwork and embroidery. You will leave the workshop with several tassels in different styles to add to your costume stash.
All materials will be provided.

Mark Zuza – guided morning meditations

NB: If you are a Sister Studio and have registered with FatChanceBellyDance® for the Tribal Pura Sister Studio Continuing Education (SSCE) programme you will be able to gain  9 of your 10  required hours of SSCE instruction with Kelley, a certified SSCE Instructor – but please make sure you select the workshops marked SSCE approved and don’t forget to collect your certificates