Tribes & Cultures

People, their cultures and traditions have always fascinated me and I have a bit of a passion for all things tribal – the textiles, jewellery, dance, beliefs and rituals. On my travels I’ve met some wonderful people from many different tribes and cultures and their diversity is just incredible.

The Gnawa musicians, Morocco

The Pygmies – Democratic Republic of Congo

The Choco Embera people – Colombia

The Wayuu people, Colombia

Tibetan refugees – weaving, knitting and sewing – Sikkim

The Maasai, cattle herders, Tanzania

Tea pickers – Darjeeling, India

Musicians at the Tinku, Torotoro, Bolivia

Musicians & Dancers at The Teschu, Paro, Bhutan

Paper Makers, Otovalo, Ecuador

Holy men, Varanasi, India

The Barabeig, Tanzania

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Svaneti Dancers, Mestia, Georgia

Women spinning, Lake Titicaca, Peru

Laya women, Himalaya mountains, Bhutan

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The Hadzabe – last of the hunter gatherers, Lake Eyasi area, Tanzania





The Inuit, Greenland

The Cofan, Zabalo, Amazonia, Ecuador





Tibetan Monks, Phadrong, Sikkim





The Dayak, Kalimantan





The horse people of Kyrgyzstan