American Tribal Style® belly dance has such a rich, opulent look it needs equally elaborate hair to balance out the costume and complete the look

The hair is worn drawn back away from the face and off the neck usually in a bun or plaits or even both. This is to show off all the fabulous jewellery and make-up as well as giving the follow dancers a clear view of any head gestures and cues

Originally FCBD® wore full turbans but this practise has lapsed somewhat but is revived from time to time along with the half turban which is a lot cooler than the full blown works

Whatever you choose hair or turban is decorated with flowers, hairpins, tassels and jewellery but should again be kept towards the back of the head to avoid looking like ‘a prize bull complete with winner’s rosettes’

Although we use fake flowers it is best to stick to the colours that the flower is found in naturally and not to over do it with lots of different colours and too many flowers – the flower garden!

If you are lucky enough to come across a large tribal headpiece this can look absolutely stunning with minimal extra adornment