The classic ATS® costume consists of pantaloons, a very very full skirt, choli, hip scarf, tassel belt and coin bra. Sounds simple enough but many people have difficulty in putting this costume together so here are a few helpful hints and tips

The easiest way to think about what colours to choose is to think TRIBAL and think natural pigments.

Colours should reflect that tribal image – so rusts and burnt oranges, reds and burgundies, ochre and earth and of course black.

Problems often occur when choosing jewel colours – jade, lapis lazuli, turquoise, amethyst. These colder colours, the blues, greens and purples, are much more difficult to work with although not impossible

Colour combining one of these jewel colours with one of the earthy warm tribal colours can sometimes do the trick – light green and a warm rich brown or a warm burgundy with lapis blue, introducing a different tone of one of the colours or even another warm tribal colour in a hip scarf can help pull everything together

There can sometimes be a tendancy to colour co-ordinate everything – matching flowers, make-up, choli and pantaloons etc. with a contrasting skirt colour. It is really helpful to look at pictures of tribal women to see how they put things together. It is much more eclectic because they only have the materials and dyes they have to hand.
If you stick to the tribal colours it is very easy to create the right look even if each item of clothing is a different color. It’s definitely worth experimenting