Oasis Workshops

Kalash Tribal’s Oasis workshops 14:15 – 17:15
Old Heathcoat School Community Centre, King St, Tiverton, EX16 5JJ            
(dates first followed by full details below – just keep scrolling)

3 hours of dedicated ATS® for £25  (gift tokens available)
bookings now open
Dress up or down and bring a smile and zils of course!


March 24th

July 7th
plus fire pit

August 18th
plus Kalash’s 10th anniversary celebrations

October 26th – 28th
Oasis Serendipity SSCE Weekend Retreat 
Tavistock, Devon
fabulous residential weekend
with dancing and drumming workshops from Kelley and guest teachers

December 8th
plus Yuletide festivities


Each informal workshop is one of a series of building blocks covering some of the more complicated concepts of ATS® like fades, duelling duets, cafe style, spins and combos as well as new moves and exciting new concepts, the list goes on and on but we always make time to just have a dance together

A knowledge of classic ATS® steps is required – Taxeem, Body Wave, Torso Twist, Circle Step, Reverse, Propellor & Corkscrew Turns, Camelwalk,  Egyptian, Arabic, Pivot Bump, Shimmy, Turkish Shimmy, Reach & Sit, Arabic Hip Twist,
Double & Single Bumps and Up 2 Down 3

If you’d like to make a day of it you’re welcome to drop in
to the morning classes (£8 each or £15 for both)

and if you’re joining our evening events we have free indoor camping in the infamous barn so no excuses not to join us (just ask for details)

Oasis has gone from strength to strength since the very first one in December 2008.
The idea initially was to create a little oasis in the middle of an ATS® desert because we lived miles away from the nearest ATS® teacher and thought it would be fun to invite others in the same boat to join us for a get together and learn from each other

In the meantime Kelley continued her training and is now a Sister Studio Continuing Education Instructor (only 2 in the UK) assisting Carolena and Megha in both General Skills (GS) and Teacher Training (TT), she is also Advanced Teacher Training certified FCBD® teacher and re-certified Sister Studio.

Many still have no regular access to a certified teacher or Sister Studio and some don’t have anyone to dance with so Oasis provides a fantastic opportunity to come along to a fun workshop every few months and just dance your socks off for three whole hours. We’d absolutely love you to come out to play with us.