The ‘real’ Kalasha Tribe

This is a rather sad story as we originally chose our name ‘Kalash’ because we identified with the Kalasha tribe of people for several reasons, but, for the safety of aid workers in the vicinity, we were asked by our supported charity to discontinue our connection. The reason was that because we are belly dancers and our costume exposes our bellies this could be offensive to the Kalasha people who have very strict protocols and dangerous for the aid workers if we continued to have links and give financial aid.

Click here for an amazing video of the Kalasha people

Kelley and her husband have travelled extensively and stayed with various tribal people all over the planet and are very aware of tribal taboos. Some customs and traditions do not sit easily with other cultures and we have learned to respect that. Thankfully we were able to keep our name because the word/name Kalash has other meanings which still link to our dance.

The Original Kalash Tribe
The Kalasha are a tribe from Chitral, tucked away in the Hindu Kush mountains of north western Pakistan, half of whom still practice the ancient animist religion.The women wear very distinctive costumes, black skirts with heavy decorative borders and beautiful tops and stunning headdresses decorated with cowrie shells, embroidery and strands of beads. Genealogists and historians have conducted many studies to see if there truly is a link between Alexander the Great and the Kalasha people who often have blue or grey eyes.